Roots, Prefixes & Suffixes

-ia condition [suffix]
-ian specialist [suffix]
-iasis condition or state [suffix]
iatr/o treatment
-iatrics medical specialty [suffix]
-iatry medical specialty [suffix]
-ic pertaining to [suffix]
-ician specialist [suffix]
-ics specialty [suffix]
icter/o jaundice
-ile pertaining to [suffix]
ile/o ileum
ili/o ilium
im- not [prefix]
immun/o immunity, safe
in- into, not, within [prefix]
-ine pertaining to [suffix]
infra- below, beneath [prefix]
-ing action, process (verb) [suffix]
inguin/o groin
inter- between [prefix]
intra- within [prefix]
intro- within [prefix]
-ion process of [suffix]
-ior pertaining to [suffix]
ir- not [prefix]
irid/o iris
-is (noun form) [suffix]
is/o equal
isch/o hold back, restrain
ischi/o ischium
-ism condition [suffix]
iso- equal, same [prefix]
-ist specialist [suffix]
-itis inflammation [suffix]
-ity condition [suffix]
-ive character, quality [suffix]
-ize do, make (verb) [suffix]

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