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Advanced search operators can help you to quickly locate more relevant results.

Web Search

Search for an Exact Phrase
You may search for an exact phrase by enclosing your query in quotes (e.g. "low sodium").

Exclude a Word
To exclude a term from your search results, enter a minus sign before the word (e.g. chronic pain -back).

Force Inclusion of all Words
Common words like "what" or "it" may sometimes be ignored by OpenMD. To force the inclusion of a term in your query, enter a plus sign before the word (e.g. range +of motion).

Either/Or Queries
You may search for two or more queries simultaneously without forcing the inclusion of both in the results by entering OR in caps between two words (e.g. atrial flutter OR fibrillation).

Journal Search

Search Filters
Journal search includes several filters and sorting options:

  • Sort: Sort results by relevance or date.
  • Date: Limit results to the past 1, 5, or 10 years.
  • Type: By default, only free and full text journal results are displayed. Broaden your search to include abstract-only results.

Advanced Journal Search Options
Special search operators coming soon. Please check back in the future.


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