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F Fahrenheit; father; female; Fluorine (element)
F&C foam and condoms
F&E fluid and electrolyte
F/H family history
F/T full time
F/U follow-up
FA forearm; folic acid; femoral artery; fatty acid
fa father
FACS Fellow, American College of Surgeons; fluorescence-activated cell sorter
FADL functional activities of daily living
FAI functional assessment inventory
fam family
FAM fertility awareness method
FANA fluorescent antinuclear antibodies
FAP familial adenomatous polyposis
FAS fetal alcohol syndrome
FAX facsimile
FB finger-breadth (approx. width of finger); foreign body
FBD fibrocystic disease
FBG fasting blood glucose
FBM fetal breathing movements
FBP fetal biophysical profile
FBS fasting blood sugar
FCAS familial cold auto-inflammatory syndrome
FCB fibrocystic breast
FCE functional capacity evaluation
FCR flexor carpi radialis
FCU flexor carpi ulnaris
FD fatal dose; focal distance; fully dilated
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDB flexor digitorum brevis
FDL flexor digitorum longus
FDLMP first date last menstrual period
FDP fibrin degradation products; flexor digitorum profundus
FDS flexor digitorum superficialis
Fe Iron (element)
FEES flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing
FEF forced expiratory flow (rate)
fem female; femoral
FEM-POP femoral-popliteal
FES functional electrical stimulation
FESS functional endoscopic sinus surgery
FET forced expiratory technique
FEV forced expiratory volume
FEV1 forced expiratory volume in 1 second
FF force fluids; fundus firm
FFA frontal fi brosing alopecia
FFF fully formula fed; fibula free flap
FFL flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy
FFP fresh frozen plasma
FFPE fresh-frozen paraffin-embedded tissue
FGT female genital tract
FH fundal height; family history
FHB flexor hallucis brevis
FHC family health center
FHL flexor hallucis longus
FHR fetal heart rate
FHS fetal heart sounds
FHT fetal heart tone(s)
FHx family history
fib fibrillation
FIFO first in first out
FIH first-in-human [clinical trials]
FIM functional independence measurement
FiO2 fraction of inspired oxygen
Fis fusion inhibitors
FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization
fL femtoliter
FL femur length
fl fluid
fl. flexor
Fl02 fraction of inspired oxygen
fld fluid
flex flexion
Flu influenza
fluoro fluoroscopy
FM fibromyalgia; fetal movement; family medicine
fm family
FMD family physician
FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever
FMP first menstrual period
FMS fibromyalgia syndrome; full mouth series
FMTE full mouth tooth extraction
FNA fine needle aspiration
FNA(c) fine needle aspiration (cytology)
FNE fiberoptic nasal endoscopy
FNP family nurse practitioner
FOB father of baby; fiberoptic bronchoscopy; foot of bed
FOBT fecal occult blood test
FOC fronto-occipital circumference
FOI flight of ideas
FOM floor of mouth
font fontanelle
FOUO for official use only
FP family practice; family practitioner
FPEM family planning education materials
FPG fasting plasma glucose
FPIA fluorescence polarization immunoassay
FPL flexor pollicis longus
FQHC federally qualified healthcare
FQN fluoroquinolone
fr from
FR friction rub
frac fracture
frag fragment
FRC functional residual capacity
FRG functional related groups
Fri Friday
FROM full range of motion
FRS flexed rotated side bent
FRV functional residual volume
FS frozen section; finger stick; Fealty's syndrome
FSBG finger stick blood glucose/sugar
FSBS finger stick blood glucose/sugar
FSE fetal scalp electrode
FSH follicle-stimulating hormone
FT fingertip; full term
ft foot, feet
Ft. make (fiat)
FTA fluorescent treponema antigen (test for syphilis)
FTA-ABS fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption
FTD frontotemporal dementia
FTI free testosterone index
FTN finger to nose
FTND full term normal delivery
FTP failure to progress
FTT failure to thrive
FU follow-up
FUDR floxuridine
func function
FUO fever of unknown origin
FVC forced vital capacity
FVD fluid volume deficit
FVE fluid volume excess
FWB fully weight bearing
fx fracture
FY fiscal year
FYI for your information