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q every, each (quaque)
Q quickening
q.1h every 1 hour
q.2h every 2 hours
q.3h every 3 hours
q.4h every 4 hours
q.5h every 5 hours
q.6h every 6 hours
q.8h every 8 hours
q.d. every day, once daily (quaque die)
q.h. every hour (quaque hora)
q.h.s. nightly at bedtime (quaque hora somni) every hour (quaque hora)
q.i.d. four times a day (quater in die)
q.l. as much as wanted (quantum libet)
q.o.d. every other day (quaque altera die)
q.o.h. every other hour
q.p. as much as desired (quantum placeat)
q.s. a sufficient quantity (quantum sufficit); as much as needed
q.v. which see (quod vide); as much as you please (quantum vis)
QA quality assurance
QALY quality-adjusted life year
qam every morning
Qb blood flow
QC quality control
QCT quantitative computed tomography
qd every day, once daily
qds four times a day
qh every hour
QI quality improvement
QIA quality impact assessment
QID four times a day
QIO quality improvement organization
QIS qualified in specialty
QL quality of life
QM quality management
QMP qualified medical practitioner
qns quantity not sufficient
QOD every other day
QOF quality and outcomes framework
QoL quality of life
qon every other night
qp as much as desired (quantum placeat)
qPCR real-time (quantitative) polymerase chain reaction
QPNG quinolone-resistant neisseria gonorrhea
QS quantity sufficient
QS/QS intrapulmonary shunting
qt quart
QTL quantitative trait locus
quad quadrant; quadriceps
quant quantitative; quantity
qv as much as desired (quantum vis)
QWL quality of work life