Directory of leading providers of high resolution medical images and interactive human anatomy models. Some sites also provide study aids such as flash cards and quizzes.

  • 3D4Medical
    Provides educational apps, including interactive 3D models and lectures. - App Only, Not Free
  • Anatomy Learning
    Provides interactive anatomy models with identification and quiz challenges.
  • Anatomy Next
    Web browser and app-based anatomical models, including augmented reality.
  • AnatomyZone
    Video walkthroughs of body structures with optional flashcards and questions.
  • BioDigital Human
    Interactive 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease, and treatments. - Subscription
  • BlueLink by UMich
    Open courseware by the University of Michigan Medical School. Cached on Google Sites.
  • eSkeletons
    Interactive models of primate skeletal anatomy developed by the University of Texas.
  • Functional Neuroanatomy
    Neuroanatomy atlas, learning modules, and videos developed by the University of British Columbia.
  • Get Body Smart
    Animated, interactive online human anatomy guide with text narration.
  • Kenhub
    Anatomy and histology learning website with videos, quizzes, atlas and articles. - Registration Required
  • Know Your Body
    Rudimentary site design but offers great, in-depth and easy-to-read articles.
  • Neurosurgical Atlas
    3D interactive models, cases, videos, and discussion of surgical techniques. - Registration Required
  • OpenStax: Anatomy and Physiology
    Free interactive textbook on human anatomy and physiology organized by body system.
  • Teach Me Anatomy
    Comprehensive anatomy encyclopedia containing over 700 images.
  • Touch Surgery
    Highly detailed interactive surgery simulations. Acquired by Medtronic in 2020. - App Only
  • Visible Body
    Leading developer of 3D human anatomy models offering a range of reasonably-priced apps. - Not Free
  • Wikipedia: Human Body
    Encyclopedia entry on the human body including anatomy, physiology, histology, and embryology. - Also see: Outline of Human Anatomy
  • Zygote Body
    Detailed, medically accurate online 3D models of the human body. - Registration Required

Medical Images

  • GrepMed
    Community-sourced medical image repository for referencing clinically relevant medical images.
  • Lane Bio-Image Search
    Search multiple biomedical images databases. Results grouped by usage rights.
  • MedPix
    Searchable open-access database of medical images, teaching cases, and clinical topics.
  • Open-i Biomedical
    Database of abstracts, charts, graphs, and clinical images from open source literature.
  • Radiopaedia
    Collaborative radiology educational resource. Provides images, cases, quizzes, and articles.


  • American Society of Hematology Image Bank
    Gallery of over 2,100 images relating to a wide range of hematologic topics.
  • Cell Image Library
    Repository for images and movies of cells from a variety of organisms.
  • Histology Guide
    Provides high resolution images with an intuitive interface that recreates the feel of a microscope.
  • Pathorama
    High quality images and virtual slides for teaching and self-instruction.
  • PEIR Digital Library
    Multidisciplinary public access image database for use in medical education.