Health & Medical Information Sites

Guide to the leading resources for medical reference information. With few exceptions the sites below are available for free and without registration.

  • A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia (via MedlinePlus)
    A-Z listing of over 4,000 medical articles on diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries and surgeries.
  • ARUP Consult
    Laboratory test selection tool. Provides point-of-care diagnostic and interpretive information. - Professional Resource
  • Better Health Channel
    Health and medical information site developed by the Australian government.
  • Cleveland Clinic: Health Library
    Medical center with comprehensive disease, symptom, drug, and doctor information.
  • Department of Health and Human Services
    Principal agency for protecting the health of U.S. citizens.
    Easy-to-read drug information and useful online tools including a pill identifier.
  • DynaMed Plus
    Evidence-based clinical information resource from EBSCO Health. - Limited Free Access (10 articles/month)
  • eMedicineHealth
    Doctor-produced medical information to help patients make informed healthcare choices.
  • Epocrates
    Point of care diagnostic and treatment information for doctors. Subscription required. - Professional Resource
  • Everyday Health
    A-Z pharmaceutical drugs database including side effects, dosages, interactions and user reviews.
  • Explain Medicine
    Free and quick condition reference for medical professionals. Material sourced from 100+ doctors. - Professional Resource
  • Family Practice Notebook
    Rapid access, point-of-care medical reference for primary care and emergency clinicians. - Professional Resource
  • Healio
    News, multimedia, Q&A columns, blogs, and peer-reviewed journals. - Professional Resource
  • Health Central
    Digital health platform that provides medical information, tools, and inspirational stories.
    Australia-based source of disease, symptoms, medicine, and healthcare facilities information.
    Prevention and wellness information for consumers. Evidence-based, actionable, and easy to use.
  • Healthline
    Trusted health information, free tools, news and doctor-reviewed resources.
  • Informed Health
    Patient guides to the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options and health care services.
  • Lab Tests Online
    Designed to help patients understand all aspects of medical lab tests.
  • Mayo Clinic
    Award-winning medical and health information for healthy living.
  • MedBroadcast
    Drug and disease libraries, lifestyle articles, and lab procedure information.
  • Medi Lexicon
    Search over 200,000 medical terms, ICD-10 codes, hospitals, and more.
  • MedicineNet
    Authoritative medical information for consumers. - Also see: Med Terms
  • Medline Plus
    Diseases, symptoms, injuries, and more with photographs and illustrations.
  • Medscape
    Medical information for specialists, physicians, and industry professionals. - Professional Resource
  • Merck Manuals
    The world's most widely-used medical guides, with consumer and professional versions available.
    Australian health platform with comprehensive condition and drug information and medical advice.
  • NetDoctor
    Independent UK publication focusing on diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.
  • NHS Inform
    Scotland's national health information service.
  • NIH
    Largest biomedical research agency in the world and focal point for medical research in the U.S. - Professional Resource
  • OnHealth
    Physician-reviewed blog including information on diet and nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.
    Evidence-based information on a wide range of medical and health topics.
  • Right Diagnosis
    Independent, objective source for patient health information.
  • Univadis
    Journal executive summaries and concise interactive educational material. - Professional Resource, Registration Required
  • UpToDate
    Evidence-based clinical decision support resource for health care providers. - Professional Resource
  • Very Well
    Consumer information on medical conditions, fitness, nutrition, and healthy living.
  • WebMD
    Thousands of medical entries from abdomen to zygote.
  • Wikipedia: Health
    Wikipedia's portal to medicine, biology, nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, and psychiatry.