Medical Videos

Guide to the best sources of free medical videos, including procedures, operations, and lectures. With few exceptions, all listed sites offer their video libraries for free and without registration.

  • Coursera
    Lectures by world-class professors and reinforced through interactive exercises.
  • CSurgeries
    Library of surgical procedures created by surgeons for surgeons.
  • DNA Tube
    Videos, animations, and slideshows from scientific studies, lectures, and seminars.
  • EyeTube
    High quality ophthalmic surgical videos and panel discussions.
  • Free Medical Videos
    Archive of popular and engaging medical videos from around the Internet.
  • FutureLearn: Healthcare and Medicine
    Offers a diverse selection of courses from leading European universities. - Also see: Psychology and Mental Health
  • Geeky Medics
    Free videos, revision notes, OSCE guides, and MCQs for medical students.
  • GrepMed
    Community-sourced medical image and video repository.
    Videos of patients sharing real life experiences with various health conditions.
  • Khan Academy
    Academic videos and lectures on medicine and the healthcare system.
  • Mayo Clinic Videos
    Surgical procedure videos and interviews with Mayo Clinic doctors, sorted by specialty.
  • Medscape Video
    Expert interviews and perspectives as well as procedure videos.
  • MEDtube
    Education platform offering thousands of videos for healthcare professionals.
  • MIT Open CourseWare
    Lectures and course materials for students, teachers, and self-learners.
  • OnlineMedEd
    70+ hours of whiteboard lessons covering 250+ topics across 19 specialties.
  • PBS: Health Videos
    Free videos from your favorite PBS programs, including NOVA and Frontline.
  • TED Health
    Fascinating presentations by the world's leading thinkers and doers.
  • The Doctor's Channel
    Short and to-the-point video clips on the latest medical news, ideas, and information.
  • VuMedi
    Physician only site providing thousands of videos from leading institutions. - Registration Required
  • WebSurg
    European site created by surgeons for surgeons, in order to help with surgical training.
  • YouTube
    You'll need to do some searching but YouTube is an excellent resource for medical videos. - Example channels: Armando Hasudungan, Bozeman Science, Khan Academy, MedCram

Additional Resources

  • Cleveland Clinic CE
    Provides webcasts and video lessons for medical professionals. - CME
    Library of high resolution surgical videos, including VR options. - Subscription
  • Incision
    Provides high quality procedure videos, filmed from a surgeon's point of view. - Subscription
  • Internet Archive
    Collection of more than two-hundred thousand free historical videos, many academic.
  • MERLOT: Health Sciences
    Catalog of peer-reviewed higher education, online learning materials.
  • Osmosis
    Engaging videos that make learning and retaining medical info easy and fun. - Free Trial Available