Directory of leading providers of online doctor consultations.

  • Amwell
    Consultations on issues ranging from urgent care to psychiatric assessments. - $70-$200/visit
  • Better Help
    Talk with a licensed, professional therapist online. - Mental Health. Subscription. $35-$80/week.
  • First Derm (by iDoc24)
    Submit two pictures of your skin problem and describe your symptoms. - $40/visit
  • Health Tap
    Health Q&A site. Answers provided by medical professionals. - $49+/visit or $99/month
  • JustAnswer: Medical
    Provides access to medical professionals online or by phone. - Price varies
  • Lemonaid Health
    Provider of low cost online healthcare options for common conditions. - $25/visit
  • LiveHealth Online
    Simple telemedicine service from American Well with optional health record. - $50/visit
    Visit a doctor, counselor, psychiatrist or dermatologist by mobile app, video or phone. - $60-$100/visit
  • MeMD
    Flat fee online consultations with therapists, nurse practitioners, and doctors. - $58/visit
  • Talkspace
    Subscription therapy service with text, video, and audio messaging options. - Mental Health. Subscription. $49-$79/week


  • Babylon Health
    Highly rated UK-based online doctor, specialist, and therapist service. - £25-£49/visit
  • Push Doctor
    Leading UK-based online doctor consultation service. - £30/visit