Classroom Health Education

Leading resources providing health education curriculum, classroom activities, and printouts for students.

  • Action for Healthy Kids: Game On
    Provides teachers with information and resources to host a successful school wellness program.
  • Amaze (Sexual Health)
    Provides children, adolescents, parents, and educators with sexual health informational videos.
  • APBI Schools
    Downloadable and printable content from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Cavity Free Kids
    Oral health education for young children and their families, including curriculum and printables.
  • Dangerous Decibels
    Campaign designed to reduce the incidence of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • e-Bug
    Games and teaching resources covering microbes and antibiotics.
  • Frontiers for Young Minds
    Expert-authored scientific articles that are shaped by feedback from young readers.
  • History of Vaccines
    Educational resource exploring the role and history of immunization with videos and interactives.
  • How to Smile: Health
    Curated collection of onlien interactives and hands-on activities for students.
  • KidsHealth in the Classroom
    Free health education resources for PreK through 12th grade, including 200+ teacher guides.
  • Look After Your Eyes
    Important information on eye health, examinations, and conditions from the College of Optometrists.
  • PBS Health and Physical Education
    Video, interactive, and printable lessons on physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • USDA: MyPlate
    Dietary guidelines and learning activities from the United States Department of Agriculture.